Falsettos is a Broadway musical based in the late 1970s to early 1980s. The story follows Marvin’s family after he left his wife to be with his “lover” Whizzer and how the aftermath affects their relationships. It also explores the themes of Gender Roles, Family Relationships, Religion (specifically the Jewish faith), and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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The final poster design (this was screen printed)

A few merch pieces I made

When creating my final illustration I looked at those used previously and the ways they were encountered. I created a design that could be used across the board and would appeal to a wide audience. 
I screen printed my design to give it an extra element of texture, which also meant that no two pieces were the same. I paid great attention to the details in my designs - even the thickness of each ring relates back to the themes explored within the production.

The ticket design

There is a little hidden Easter egg in the ticket as well (but to find it you might need to compare it with the ticket from my 2020 FMP "Dungeness").

A time lapse creating the backdrop from poster mis-prints!

The final poster design
The final poster design
My exhibition set up
My exhibition set up
The merchandise designs
The merchandise designs
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🔥 Merchandise model - Yaz (@yaz_art_bcot)
🔥 Merchandise model and backdrop help - Taz (@tazo_arts)
🔥 Merchandise model - Lily (@lily_bcot_art)

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