A module all about writing for advertising. Challenging but eye-opening.
The first time I have ever done anything like this. Still a lot of room for improvement and a lot of stuff I'd do differently today just two months after the hand in.
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Brief One - Extreme Makeover
This brief was about finding a boring piece of copy and making it fun and interesting.
I chose inflatable battle batons. 
Name: Smack Em Sticks
Smack emTM. If they get on your nerves, just smack em. If you don’t like them, just smack em.
Just to clarify we mean smack em with our Inflatable Smack Em Stick Batons.
With these you can battle whoever, wherever:
- The teacher who gave you an annoying essay.
- Your flatmates in halls when they don’t do the washing up,
- Even annoying little kids (please don’t actually do this, we don’t want a lawsuit).
Fire v water, hot v cold, red v blue. You get the idea; we have used two different colours to mark your battle.
Inside you will even find matching mats if you want to play the boring way, or you can go freestyle (just mind your mum’s prized life size cut out of Zac Efron).
There are many ways to play with our sticks. You could have a sword fight, play total wipeout or even have a floppy fencing match. Smack whoever you wish, however you wish, with whatever you wish, as long as it’s one of our batons.
Prepare the infantry. 
Call the cavalry. 
A war is looming.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for any decapitations, amputations, stab wounds or other injuries resulting from misuse of our batons. To us these are purely decorative and in no way would we ever suggest you use them to smack emTM.
Brief Two - Innocent Smoothies
The next brief was about creating an innocent smoothie or juice and write a product description using their specific tone of voice.
My Juice: Fun on the Beach
Flavour: Peach, Cranberry, Orange and Lime juice (Virgin Sex on the Beach)
Colour: Juice is red, label would be a red to yellow gradient like the cocktail.
Brief Three - TV Script
I decided to write a script for Specsavers as part of their "Should've gone" campaign. a 30 second ad. 
Name: "Paint Water"​​​​
“Should’ve Gone campaign – Paint Water”
We are in a secondary school art classroom. The students are all painting using easels, with different pots of water to clean the brushes and the teacher is at the front of the class drinking from a mug.
TEACHER: Guys, please remember to wash your brushes as you go.
Almost interrupting a Student raises their hand the Teacher goes over to help.
STUDENT: Miss I can’t get these proportions right. 
TEACHER: Okay let’s take a look ...
Teacher puts their mug down and “helps” the student.
 STUDENT: Thanks Miss.
Teacher picks up what is clearly a brush water cup and drinks. Teacher looks horrified.
Final shot of Teacher putting down the mug with a Specsavers green water inside. Specsavers type appears along with the tag line.
TAGLINE: Should’ve gone to Specsavers
The image fades to black leaving only the Specsavers logo
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